Astronauts' Star Food #1: Banana Oatmeal cookies, full of energy

These are the quickest healthy cookies ever. For breakfast, to get your energy kick before running (the world), as your new afternoon snack (bye crisps full of fat and sugar!)... Just mash 2 bananas with 100 grams of oatmeal, add raisins / gojiberries / nuts / cinnamon / chia seeds / ... to your taste, make cookie-shapes on a griddle with greaseproof paper and put in a 200 degrees hot oven for 20 minutes. That's all! Ooh-la-laaa. (Side-effect: your house smells like you want to sell it today.. mmm...)

Source: The Green Happiness.

All Astronauts' Star Food is lovely, full of energy and -of course- (quicker than) light. These are my favourite findings, from all over the world and beyond. These recipes reflect my love for and way of cooking. Inspired by my mum. Just pure and plain simple, with fresh and nutrient ingredients, lots of love, a dash of creativity.. and oh my God... full of taste! Enjoy!