Upcoming Event: "Be afraid. Be very afraid" by SheSays Amsterdam

At this moment I am Afraid. Very Afraid. Finch Factor invited me to do a public speaking at "Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid", their next SheSays Amsterdam event on March 19 at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Together with a transgender police officer. A champion of equality advertising. And a feminist bellydance tutor. All on "how channeling fear sparks courage and powers change". So here I am, writing my way from cowardice to courage...

If you want to join this bold evening, it's free admission, just sign up!

SheSays is an award-winning global network organisation focused on the engagement, education and advancement of women in digital, marketing and advertising.


That small space after the comma and before the second B. It looks like an inoffensive small step, but if you get closer, it actually is a huge ravine. It took me months, many excuses and several panic attacks, to get up to speed, take a run-up over the bulging of the N, come to the edge, jump on the comma to use it as a trampoline, be brave enough to let go and fly over. At the end, today I finally begun (with version 2 of the manuscript of my book.) Thanks to the encouragement of School of Life and my writing coach Sidney Vollmer.

What are you beginning today?