A woman on the street invited me for lunch

As I was spending last Saturday alone in Brussels, I was thinking about getting a quick pistolet to-go for lunch, when a woman stopped me in the middle of the street and invited me for a real big Belgian lunch. We sat down together at Taverne Greenwich, an authentic Belgian grand cafe, where we decided to treat ourselves on a complete meal, of course with Belgian Fries and even an Orval beer, to take the time to get to know the bar and its nice people - and each other as well. I am so happy I stopped and went with her invitation. It took me two years to do this, because eating out alone was one of my worst nightmares of loneliness. But to go to a nice place with great service (who take the time to talk to you), to bring a book and okay, to really treat yourself, actually helps. Or as Osho states: Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Aloneness is not an absence at all, but a presence. A presence of oneself, in no need for anyone or something. I was looking around and I truly felt I was having a good time. With Myself.

(photo by Alexandre H.)