Let's break up with the idea of The Ex

Wow. Stumbled upon this post with pictures of Delia D. Blackburn Photography; Todd Bachman, father of the bride, brought his daughter to the beginning of the aisle...he stopped the procession while people were confused at his actions and he walked up to his daughter's stepfather. Todd reached out his hand and grabbed Brittany's stepfather and pulled him down the aisle to walk their daughter down the aisle together...

This is what Relationships can be about: in so many forms, really RELATING to one and another, from a source of love instead of fear. Let's forget about the limiting negative concept of 'Ex vs. New Lover', and embrace the fact that both the Ex and the New Lover have shared/share the love for the same important person(s) in their lives, so they are in a special way quite like each other. The Ex is the one who brought your New Lover on his/her way to you. The New Lover of your Ex might bring him or her to a new place of happiness. Therefore, the Ex and New Lover don't have to become BFF's, but to honor both the Ex of your New Lover, as the New Lover of your Ex is a liberating experience of love.

Please feel free, if you feel like (daring) it; share this message with the name(s) of your (New Lover of) Ex(es), in order to honor them!