School of Life's First Year Lessons

Yesterday I graduated my first year of School of Life. By now I am supposed to know the basics of life therapy and energetic healing and reading. But the thing is, this thing is not called 'School', this is called 'School of Life'. So this is what I really learned.

This year, I learned that being alone is not the same as being lonely. That aloneness is not an absence at all, but a presence. A presence of oneself, in no need for anyone or something... and therefore a pleasant and positive state.  

This year, I experienced that relationships flourish in a feeling of freedom; in an open connectedness, where expectations out of fear make room for intentions full of love.

This year, I figured out I have mistaken gentleness for weakness. And found out vulnerability is actually very powerful.

This year, my masculine Ambition and Action decided to finally hook up with feminine Creative power and Intuition - and together they gave birth to Divine Inspiration, still a little guy, but growing every day.

This year, I finally inhabited my body (I have feet I can feel!), embraced my emotions, transformed yucky fears into life force energy, cleared my cloudy thoughts and opened my secured heart (bit by bit.. ;-)).

This year, I have seen some of the worst of me. In order to open the door to the best of me.

Still scratching the surface, 3 years and a whole life to go.

And believe me, it's been dark, sweat and tears in there, but "my God, it's full of stars!" out there.

Big Thank You to all my teachers, guides, family, friends - especially Bram F.J. van Alphen -, colleagues, class- and schoolmates, who supported me in this year of School named Life. Hello Year 2!